Monday, March 17, 2008

Celtic Memory Yarns for St. Patties Day

I found this fantastic blog from a woman in Ireland -- just perfect for St. Patties Day! Jo with Celtic Memory Yarns is a yarn designer and self proclaimed "fibre fiend" who talks about knitting, life in Ireland, dogs, scenery, and that constant search for the perfect colour combination.

In her St. Patties Day blog she talked about OTT-LITE Lighting! Here's what she wrote about having the perfect setting to prepare Sock Madness 2, which has just kicked off. This means that knitters all over the globe are "gathering their yarns, greasing their needles and getting everything ready":

"The sunny sitting room upstairs, with the trusty knitting chair. Carpets vacuumed so that no distracting sights of pawprints or stray leaves or half-eaten bones would take the mind from the pattern. Feng Shui, if you like. Small occasional table placed in best position, with Ott-lite at correct angle for maximum illumination after dark without dazzling."