Monday, October 19, 2009

Bon Jour!

Hi everyone ! My name is Anne-Laure.

I really wanted to introduce myself to all readers of this blog, whether you are avid customers of OttLite products, or eager to know more about our team and products.

I just entered the company as an intern on the 1st of October and am already thrilled by the amazing working atmosphere here !

I am a French junior student from Sciences-Po Paris (Institute of Political Sciences). We have to spend our 3rd year abroad either studying in a university or doing an internship, wherever we want. I looked for internships solely in the US, because it is a country I’ve always wanted to discover. I love the States (though I miss French bread and cheese), and everyone at the company is welcoming and friendly. What’s more, I’m going to learn lots of interesting stuff as I will be working in departments (Marketing, communication, International) in which I may want to work later.

So be prepared, I’m going to post on a regular basis on this blog, whether about my discovery of OttLite products, or about my experience in an American company and the main differences between ways of doing business in France and in America. For those able to read French, you can check out my

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's Under CEO Don Barry's OttLite?

Check out what OttLite president and CEO Don Barry is reading during National Book Month ...

"I'm reading, Americans in Normandy. It is the story of the U.S. soldiers who fought in the hedgerow battle on the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy, France. It was some of the most brutal fighting of World War II, and you sure get an appreciation for our Freedom (and that of Europe) when you read what these 18 to 22 year old guys did (and how some lived and some died). Tragic but spellbinding!"
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