Friday, July 25, 2008

Focus on the Customer

When you combine a really great product with really passionate people -- you get something magical. I spoke with Vickie in the OttLite customer service group, who is one of those really passionate people! She has been with OttLite for 6 years and has handled thousands of calls.

Q. What is your favorite kind of call?

A. People telling how much their OttLite is helping them. I love that! 
So many of our customers depend on our lights for reading, daily chores, puzzles, newspapers, crafting -- the things they enjoy. When their bulb goes out or they have a problem, it stops their world. I love to help them bring it back on line.

Q. How did that make you feel?

It makes me feel so good. I use OttLite lighting every day, but I take it for granted. For people who call in on a daily basis, it is their lifeline for doing the things they enjoy every day.

Q. Is there a caller that really touched your heart?

A. So many. But a call that I really remember is a daughter who called in for her father who lives alone. His wife had passed away. The daughter visits on the weekends and helps her dad around the house. He was without his OttLite for the whole week. He couldn’t read the newspaper or do his puzzles. She didn't know because he didn’t want to impose on her life … so he waited until the weekend. She called in on Monday and we got a bulb right to her. Our logistics group expedited it at no additional cost.

She called when they got the bulb and her father was thrilled that he could read again. Everything was back to normal.

Thank you, Vickie, for sharing your story and bringing such heart to what you do!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Under Your OttLite?

Hearing how people use their OttLite lamps is my favorite part of my job. When someone stops me and says, "Wow! My lamp saved my sewing project!" or, "I had to buy another one because my husband stole it." I just can't stop smiling :-).

Here is a customer experience from Peggy B in New Orleans ...

"I have been a crafter for years. I actually used to take my paper outside in the natural sunlight to match them! How sad is that???? Then one day I was shopping at a JoAnns and saw the Ott Display! :) What an amazing difference when you can see the same sheet of paper side by side separated by a wall under 2 different lights! It was like looking at a different sheet of paper totally! I was sold on the Ott light that day. Came home with 2 in my car! LOL. I've been happy happy ever since! I love having my desk top one and the fact it is a COOL light and I'm never worrying over having a HEATED lamp at my desk area! thanks!"
Share your story with me!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OttLite in the Blogisphere

What I love about blogs is they are so real. You think it, you write it. That's why when I see someone write about how OttLite has helped them, I get really excited!! Here is what Beth W, a blogger and doctoral studies student at Indiana University of PA, had to say about finding OttLite:

I'd like to share a great piece of technology with all of you readers and writers out there. The Ott Light was first introduced to me in the fall and it has made a world of difference in my reading and paper grading. While I'm trying to resist adopting an advertising tone, I can't help but gush - just a little - about the benefits of using the Ott Light. Eye strain disappeared and the written word was clearer and sharper than it is under other lighting sources. Even grading student papers seemed easier and my mind was more alert to tune it. The Reading Light works well for my purposes but they have a wide range for whatever your preferences are..... Introducing the Ott Light"

Wow, Beth! We're so glad you are enjoying it!