Thursday, February 19, 2009

Artists of America - Helping Foster Children

We received an incredible e-mail from a very special artist -- Diedre Burke. She works with a group called Artists of America. Their mission is to provide art classes for America's foster children and at-risk youth. Their goal is to "improve lives, one child at a time."

Diedre sent us a picture of her with a portrait she painted ... using her OttLite lamp! Here's what she has to say about OttLite:

"As an artist, I use Ott Lite Bulbs when I paint, so I know personally how vitally important the quality of the light a person uses is!"

We want to thank Diedre for sharing her story with us and for all the work she does sharing the incredible gift of art with kids. THANK YOU DIEDRE!!!!
For more info on Artists of America, visit

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