Friday, December 18, 2009

OttLite December Rock Star

Next on my list of things I have to see: one of Gary Richardson’s productions!

This month, our
OttLite Rock Star is talented pastor, storyteller, and man-of-many-hats, Gary Richardson. He has been writing and performing theatrical stories for 12 years now. Since there’s no set and production is kept to a minimum, you wouldn’t consider these the normal, elaborate kinds of musicals you’ve seen before. Gary’s theatrical storytelling captivates you so that you generate your own vision. No one set or costume will ever be the same when you, the audience member, are the one creating it.

Gary believes that stories that are meant to be passed verbally, generation to generation, and he opens up a wonderful world of theatrical storytelling possibilities.

So let’s shine the spotlight on our inspiring OttLite Rock Star, Gary Richardson. His works truly seem like a treat for all ages!

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Anonymous said...

Saw all the shows - they're fantastic! When are you coming back to the Orlando area?