Monday, February 8, 2010

Knit Purl Gurl Review

Attention all craft lovers! Check out this blog for tips and tricks on all things creative:

Two years ago Karrie started this website for craft lovers.
She blogs about her projects, the difficulties she encounters and reviews the best products for the crafters.

We here at OttLite asked her to tell us what she thought of the OttLite lamp because no one is more fitting to rate one of our products than those who use it everyday.

Check out what she says about OttLite in the video below:

“ The next thing I wanted to talk to you about are the really wonderful people over at OttLite. They sent me a light. When I approached them to do a review, I said : that would be great for knitters.”

“Every sewer I Have ever met has an OttLite. Otts are 50% off, and usually by email you can get a 50% coupon. They’re great.”

“OMG! I honestly will not use any other lighting now. It is fabulous. I didn’t understand how fabulous it was until I used it. …”
“Start enjoying the light in which you create.”

Karrie also hosts many differents links toward sweepstakes for her fellow crafters!
She also takes part in a radio and a webshow about crafting. It is really interesting so if you want to get tips from experienced crafters, THIS IS THE PLACE!

You can become a fan of her show
And follow her tweets HERE

“ You don’t mess up with an Ottlite. Get an Ottlite I am convinced that every woman should have one ”


Childhood said...

I follow KnitPurlGurl regularly on Blog Talk Radio, MomTV, Twitter, and on her blog. She is a delight! I am learning to knit just because of her!

Banteringblonde said...

Karrie is the BOMB Diggity and the craftiest chick around. I love her momtv show .... she makes me smile!