Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Reviews for OttLite Plant Growth Lighting!

I just came across this blog at VegandFlower.com. They have over 6000 videos, articles, tips and tricks for indoor growing. What an incredible find for indoor plant growers!
They just posted an article about OttLite Plant Growth Lighting. Here are some of the excerpts:

"I bought this for my girlfriend as a christmas gift along with a bonsai tree and she loved them! You can’t go wrong with an Ottlite…Light. Her new tree seems to be growing toward the bastion of light the product provides."
- NC Hill

"This light is great! I have a small boxwood on my file cabinet that is doing really well thanks to this light. A really wise purchase!"
- Ruth V.

"I love my OTT-light. It was the only thing that finally got my african violets to bloom inside."
- Plant Lady

Speaking of african violets, to the right is a beautiful african violet grown by some of the plant enthusiasts here at OttLite. This baby has never seen the daylight ... it was grown 100% with OttLite lighting! Isn't she a beauty!

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