Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Boy Joy!

It is a happy Spring indeed! I am pleased to announce Mr. Dylan Parker! My very good friends, Rob and Eileen, just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! He really is beautiful, not that “aww he’s cute” then you leave the hospital and ask what happened to that poor child’s face – he really is beautiful!

I got to visit him when he was just 6 hours old and so new to the world. His beautiful eyes were looking at everything around him and trying so hard to focus – imagine seeing everything for the first time! He was enthralled by his tongue and his mouth, darting his tongue in and out and catching air on the tip. What really put a cheek-to-cheek grin on my face was watching his parents. Rob and Eileen are so proud, as they should be; it’s amazing to witness that joy firsthand. I had fun watching Rob change his son’s first diaper and Eileen instructing on how to do it. The happiness in that hospital room could fill the entire city of Tampa.
In order to capture this moment I decided that I wanted to create a scrapbook page for them – and Dylan. As always, Jennifer G’s site offered me some great inspiration. Jennifer’s site linked me to Kim Hughes’ site who offered this great layout for inspiration.

Of course, I changed it up a bit to format it more to my liking and capabilities, but it offers a great place to start. She also offers many more ideas for creating different cards and pages. Make sure to check her out!Welcome Dylan to this crazy world. It’s one heck of a ride but buckle tight and enjoy every moment of it!

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