Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You are Worth It!

Jewelry designer Linda Valentino shares her OttLite story and some beautiful pictures of her work:

"Before I started using the Ott-Lite my eyes were getting strained and the colors of my beaded work were all fuzzy and looked a different color.
My yellows were more like mustard color not the yellow that I have purchased at Joann Fabric -- it was muted. Then I brought home the Ott-Lite last Christmas.

"With amazement, the work looked so much life like and I use my Ott-Lite for almost everything I use. I work with it, at my studio at this time, I use it to read the newspaper and it does not hurt my eyes. The Ott-Lite does not get too hot under it like the regular light bulbs do and it also the old stuff burned little bits on the top of my head, the Ott-Lite did not do this.

"I could keep the Ott-Lite on for 4 hours a day, everyday. The renewable bulbs do not cost as much as the fluorescent bulbs and Joann Fabric carries them. I am so happy that my work appreciates that I use this too, and for all of you who have not made a decision on wheter to spend that extra 80.00 or not. Do yourself a favor, spend the money while you can still see once the eyes go you will not be buying the Ott Light you will be in a nursing home. So enjoy your life with scrapbooking, needleworks, or just like me seed beading necklaces and start enjoying your life. You are Worth it!!"

Linda Valentino, Valentino Originals Seminole, Florida

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