Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cool You Tube Comment!

You Tube is such a cool way to connect with people! We received this comment on the OttLite You Tube channel from "rockford74".

"My entire house is lite up by Ottlight and I love it. I have them in my bathrooms, my kitchen, bedrooms and in all the high hats in my home. I can't stand to see the light ANY other light bulb gives off.
"After using Ottlight I am now spoiled and every other light that is not an Ottlight looks yellow to me. I can not stand to use any other kind of lighting, only Ottlight for me! I think everyone should call and just order one Otlight, any Ottlight and trust me you will be hooked!! You will be ordering more right away I guarantee it!

"When you call to order your Ottlight you should ask for a lady named "Debra Simpson" she is by far the nicest sales person you will EVER meet in your life. She will talk to you and help you decide witch light fixture is best for you. She is such a pleasure to speak with and if you have any pets at home be sure to tell her about them! She is the biggest animal lover I have ever met! Enjoy your Ottlight, I guarantee you will love it."

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