Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Love Customer Letters!!!

We receive the most incredible letters from OttLite customers. Here are two that really speak to what OttLite is all about -- helping people do the things they love! Helping them Enjoy Life!

Letter from Juliann F. in Napa, California

I couldn't read at night without my Ottlite. I have had two detached retinas, one in each eye, in 1994 and 1995. One surgery was done perfectly and the other left a wrinkle in the material used to reattach the retina. Reading was difficult. When I saw the advertisement for your light I sent for one. It was the best thing I did.

Now I can read with plenty of light on the newspapers, books or magazines. There is no heat given out nor bright light, just as your advertisement proclaims.

Letter from Cathy M in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

As one ages, one's eyesight diminishes. I have to say that this light has made all the difference in working at my desk!! I am lucky to have natural sunlight, but it's too bright on my monitor screen. Therefore, I have to close the shade and depend on my OttLite to "light" the way! Thanks again for your terrific customer service.


Anonymous said...

here's a customer letter... I have 2 desktop ottlites. One is great - makes for great bedtime reading. The other one flickers so badly it makes me grind my teeth. I have to repeatedly wiggle the bulb and smack the top of it until it stops. Once I've bumped it or turned it off and then back on - flickering once again. What gives?

Jessica at OttLite said...


Sorry that you are experiencing a problem. In order to assist you, we would need to know what the model number of the lamp is.

You can contact Customer Service at 800 842 8848 and they will be able to help you!