Monday, January 4, 2010

4 Tips for Finding Harmony with Your Space

Happy New Year! All this talk of organization and improving your space inspired me to go project crazy over the long holiday weekend. Here are 4 fun and fast projects that are making my life easier and my space more enjoyable!

1) TV Cabinet Transformation – After years of squinting to see a widescreen movie on our old TV, we bought a flat screen (what a difference!!). The big question is: What to do with the TV cabinet/armoire? I took a tip from Redbook, and transformed it into a bar. By simply adding a new piece of stained plywood to the back, a mirror and some stemware holders, we now have a sophisticated bar for entertaining.

2) Vanity Bulb Beautification! – This organization update will save me over $100 in energy costs. PLUS – I can now see everything in its true color! I replaced my old bulbs with OttLite Vanity Bulbs. This quick fix has brightened up my space and is great for putting on make up and matching clothes (think black vs. blue socks!).

3) Hall Closet Cubbies – My kids' school has it right – everything has a home, and every little person has a cubbie! I got this tip from the Today Show. I used a hanging closet sweater organizer and gave everyone their own slot. Now my purse finally has a home. The lower shelves are perfect for little kids to reach and put away their jackets.

4) Gallery Wall on the Level – I love my family photo gallery wall … but what I don’t love is how they get askew and look messy. This weekend, I bought some 3M double stick foam tape, applied a little to the bottom of each picture, broke out the level and shored everything up. What a difference!

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