Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Home Lighting Ideas

Check this out!
After the wonderful tool introduced a few articles below, aka the Energy Savings Calculator, I am pleased to announce….

Our very own reproduction of a dollhouse!
I am exaggerating but it made me think of that when I first saw it.

So, what is IT?

The Home Lighting Ideas - Interactive Diagram

You can find it HERE

So, what is the use of this diagram ?

Well, here at OttLite we noticed that it could be difficult for some of you to know exactly where each lamp was supposed to go. Clearly no one wants to find a Craft Lamp on the night stand. With our new Interactive Diagram, you can go from this:

to THIS!

Now, isn't that better ?
So you just have to click on the room(s) where you want to put the lamp and the Interactive Diagram helps you choose the lamp that will fit the best and provide you with an optimal living environment.

Now that's easy !

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