Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homework in Kindergarten?

Guest Blogger: Shilo Coleman

My name is Shilo, and I am the Marketing Traffic Manager at OttLite. On August 24th my son Nathan started Kindergarten. He loves it! Everyday he comes home so excited to tell me about all the things he did and learned. Surprisingly Kindergarteners have homework too, so at night we sit at his desk next to his OttLite and study. Nathan knows all about OttLite. He has a black Learning Light that he decorated himself with skateboard and rock n’ roll stickers all over it.

Not only does he know that it’s a great light for reading but for color matching as well. When it’s time for bed and he wants to wear black sweatpants not blue, he will take both pairs over to his OttLite, hold them under the light and see which one is black and which one is blue.

I am so glad that Nathan is developing good learning habits so early, and we will continue to help him by having him study and read with an OttLite next to him.

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